Geospatial data
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Effortlessly extract and harmonize time-series from numerous geospatial data sources like NASA, right inside your stack.

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Create powerful models with all the data you need


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One API – multiple data sources

Building reliable models requires a variety of sources. Don't waste time figuring out which ones to use - maximize your potential by utilizing every available resource.

  • Access leading data sources like Landsat, Sentinel, & ECMWF
  • Manage numerous pipelines through a single, programmatic interface

Automate geospatial data engineering

Jump straight to analytics with a fully automated platform that saves you 100s of hours in setup & maintenance.

  • Leverage fully maintained connectors that are designed to scale
  • Abstract away complicated tasks like resampling, interpolation, and regridding

Get analysis-ready data directly in your worklow

Say goodbye to images and complicated scientific formats, and unlock the wealth of data hidden in today's advanced data sources.

  • Output time-series from heterogenous data sources in neatly fused tables
  • Supports Parquet, JSON, and other modern data formats